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And it’s time to tell the world…. when producing programmes for radio, one of the key questions you have to think about is, why does this programme need to be made? What are we saying? What effect do we want this programme to have and on whom? In this case, these questions are HUGE!!! I embarked on the task of making a documentary for Radio 1 that would tell the story of a music facility within a ‘said’ immigration removal centre in the UK, bordering (no pun intended) on the outskirts of Heathrow Airport. At first, it seemed like a challenge, in the sense that the material would be somewhat controversial and raise a few hairs – but more-so it just resonated because it’s a story that needs to be told. Borders Agency and the Home Office have not wished to participate in this programme, despite it telling the tale of their facilities and guys who reside there, or have recently been released from their incarceration. We have not been granted access to record within the centre, so have had to be very creative in our mode of producing the story. What I am now realising is the enormity of this programme and the responsibility that lies in my hands to ensure I tell the story well, that hairs are raised and consequences pondered upon so that a CHANGE occurs, for the greater good. Our contributors have shared their souls, they have confessed their wrong-doing, and they seek redemption. Yet their plight in the hands in the Immigration Services will continue for the foreseeable future, continuing their incarceration and lack of future clarity day by day. Nick Bright, the brilliant BBC 1Xtra presenter is embarking on this exploration with me. His voice will lead listeners through his months of research and unearthing to understand the plight of those who end up behind bars at the mercy of BA and why the system prevails. The cost of keeping someone longterm in the ‘said’ IRC is estimated at £70,000 a year. Upon release, many are simply moved to alternative setting, also run by the BA Services, put on tags, curfews, denied the right to work or partake in voluntary work and given a token financial contribution of £34 a week in food vouchers. I am finding buycbdproducts difficult to enthuse the will to listen to their stories, in order to produce a programme that will wake up younger generations to the costly consequences of Immigration matters, or to the longer term cost of deportation for those who have grown their entire lives in the UK. This threat is very real for them.

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