The Making of Bring the Noise: Verse 1

Blanket’s latest Radio Documentary is Bring the Noise, an 80 minute extravaganza, produced especially for RBMA Radio, to launch their first ever Documentary series. I can’t begin to tell you what a journey it’s been from the initial idea to the finished programme, but it’s pretty much spanned 5 years start to finish. When one decides to produce a terribly specialised programme, without any form of secured budget, on location in Dakar Senegal, clearly there are going to be challenges. Throw in the birth of my son and the challenge bar is raised ten-fold. This doc pretty much encompasses the reasons I have always made programmes and written articles – to voice the work of inspiring and deserving talent, globally.

When the extraordinary British producer, IG Culture told me about a project he was working on with the British Council, it was a no-brainer to tag along and document the magic that unfolded. On location, we spent a total of about 25 days in Dakar, sourcing and working with musicians to produce a new body of work under IG’s Musical Direction, just for this project. The talent was breathtaking. The studio sessions and rehearsals defied logic, with musicians literally working in 40degree heat – totally professionally and unperturbed by the stifling conditions and arduous hours. Everyone was committed to achieving perfection. They spanned 4 generations, working side by side, everyone gracious and keen to support and share knowledge. There was no hierarchical shit going on here.

The documentary will be broadcast by RBMA Radio in Spring 2013 so be sure to check in again for a taster and promo material. Thank you Red Bull for giving my programme a fantastic home. Enjoy!

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