The Sound Women ‘Social Media in Radio’ Event – part 1

Sound Women, the Radio industry female led network is growing and providing more and more opportunities to inspire and upskill its members.

I am fortunate to be producing an exciting new event ‘Social Media in Radio’ which will be hosted and led by the Industry monsters, Somethin’ Else. Nicky Birch and Nan Davies will guide the participatory audience through the best ways to use Social Media within broadcasts and the promotion of programmes, be it on radio, online or beyond, showcasing how the Radio 1 Review Show has successfully turned the social media vice to their advantage. Participants will need to come along armed with their laptop or ipad and a substantial dilemma to work with during the session.

Please note, that if you’re a total beginner to the Social Media phenomenon, this event isn’t for you.

The event will take place on Monday 3rd December at Somethin’ Else.

I’ll keep you updated and let you know when tickets go on sale. Or you can check the Sound Women site for other forthcoming events….

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