Blanket Knowledge: Creative Education Events

Blanket has been producing education based events since 2008, independently and in conjunction with sister companies: The Roundhouse, Film London, CDR, Apple. The purpose of these events spans industry training, mentoring, technology and an amalgamation of all three.

The first of Blanket’s independent events was The Sofa Sessions hosted at The Roundhouse by Premier female Radio DJ, Mary Anne Hobbs. A team of young people who were participants of the Roundhouse Studios produced the event in conjunction with a team of Industry Professionals; set design, photography, video production, radio production and event management. The event was designed to train the young people in these skills but also provide the audience with an intimate, first-hand meeting with an Industry Expert – they literally sat on the sofa with the guest.

The second in the series featured Eastenders star Chucky Venn and was hosted at Royal Holloway University of London.

The Sound Women Training Events

Sue produces training events in partnership with Sound Women. Her first, ‘Social Media in Radio’ was designed for Radio Producers who use Social Media in their work and broadcast parameters. The event was led by Nicky Birch and Nan Davies from Somethin’ Else, the UK leaders in Radio Production. Check out the Sound Women site for reviews and recordings from the event.