Creative Facilitator: The Chalfonts Community College

Sue has been a firm fixture at Chalfonts Community College since 2007, inspiring both staff and students with her work in radio and sound design and due to this support and training, podcasting is becoming an integrated tool within daily teaching at the college. What is most joyful to Sue in this work, is that teachers and pupils learn in tandem. The hierarchy is dispelled and with this, learning and aspiration flourish. Beyond the learning process, Sue brings relevant, current and evolving industry knowledge into the school curriculum, ensuring pupils are better prepared for the world of work they will eventually enter.

One of the key projects she has delivered was part of the Change School Programme – Broadcast (2008-2011)

Working with Creative Junction, The Chalfonts Community College has set out to develop and explore the impact new media and new technologies have on teaching and learning. Over three years the college has embedded the value of new media and new technologies across the curriculum as well as providing opportunities for creative thinking and team work.

Through a programme of Integrated Learning Projects the Chalfonts Community College and Creative Partners provided exciting and stimulating learning opportunities for all year 7 and 8 students. Other schemes included a ten week on-line Games Design Workshop for year 10 students with links to the Creative Media Diploma.

“There is one very bright girl in this group but she hardly speaks at all in class. I barely get five sentences out of her a year. But this work has made her communicate verbally and she has done really well in managing this.” – Teacher

“I can’t believe we made a radio programme that sounded so real and professional. It was great using the equipment – I really liked interviewing people using the Edirols and writing scripts.” – Student

“I’d not used a MacBook before but because the day was fun and enjoyable I wasn’t afraid to try and really soon I got the hang of the MacBook and Garageband. – Student