Bring the Noise The Documentary: on RBMA Radio

This documentary is the first of its kind to be broadcast by Red Bull Music Academy Radio and the first in a series of radio docs produced by Blanket especially for them. It is due to be aired in Spring 2013 on, so keep your ears active for more news on that front…

In 2008 Sue took a lengthy trip to Dakar, Senegal with illustrious Londoner and masterful producer, IG Culture.

The journey to produce this 80 minute programme took close on five years start to produce, from initial recce to broadcast. During the production process, children were born, months were spent editing in solitude, and primarily a worthy home for the finished product put in place. It all took time. This fly on the wall doc culminates in an as-live concert recording featuring the most rocking tracks from the set performed live to the population of Dakar.

In this programme, Sue illustrates her flair for both intricate Radio Documentary production and educated Presentation prowess.

In the meantime, check this article on the making of the programme. And for a taster of the doc, listen here


Bring The Noise RMBABring The Noise RMBA